Sunday, January 11, 2009

On gay cartoon characters

Methinks it was in the early 90s that Ken came out of the closet. My sister has different Barbie and Ken dolls and as little girls do, she dresses up the dolls. At 4 years of age, I realized Ken had no male organ. The next year I realized that Barbie had no female organ either but she had secondary female sexual characters that Ken lacked.

So I think this was the reason why Ken became a gay icon. Much later on some people thought the Teletubbies were gay. Then came Spongebob and now it is Tintin, the boy reporter as gay! The Times has the whole gay analysis.

I have a complete Tintin series and when I was a boy, I never had any inkling that Tintin could be gay. However when I was in college, I suspected that Captain Haddock could be gay. How can a Seadog have no girl in every port or at least frequented a brothel as many seamen do? The only noted female character in the whole series is Bianca Castafiore.

The Captain Haddock-Tintin friendship invites gay rumours. But as the Times says, ask Snowy the dog. Snowy is the only character we clearly know is hetero and like Haddock, fond of the bottle! Professor Calculus could be straight but we don't know for sure.

BTW, we may ask whether Asterix and Obelix are gay. Here I can say an emphatic "no". In the movie 12 Tasks of Asterix, they end up in an isle of pleasure filled with buxom but unattractive women. So they aren't gay, they have a funny taste in women.

But all these gay talk shoots down the innocent reading of childhood's comic series.

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