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Michael Jackson 50, moonwalks into legend

This year my high school class celebrates its 25 year anniversary. On Facebook, many classmates expressed sadness in Michael Jackson's passing.

Michael Jackson is one of two pop culture icons that defined Pinoy teens of the mid 1980s. During our senior prom, almost all the hits from the Thriller album were played on the dance floor.

In a sense, Jackson's fusion of R&B, rock, pop and ballad styles signified a departure from the past. This is why Jackson's music became a hit among us teens at the time.

The other pop culture icon (or better yet icons) that defined Pinoy teens most especially the high school class of 1984 was "Bagets". However it is plain to see that the Bagets gang, played by William Martinez, Herbert Bautista, Aga Mulach, JC Bonnin and Raymond Lauchengo represent an inculturation of Michael Jackson into Pinoy pop. Bagets launched into stardom, Aga Mulach and Herbert Bautista. Bautista was further catapulted into politics where he serves as vice ma…

We want heads to roll off!

This is probably the most idiotic political proposal ever dished out in this whole talk of constitutional amendments. Norberto Gonzalez, a key Arroyo adviser suggests that his employer establish a revolutionary government in the likes of what Mrs Aquino did post EDSA. This government then shall have all powers to revise the constitution.

Well we have news for Mr Gonzalez. If we do have a revolutionary government, we want it to be a genuine one and we are serious about it. We want a razor sharp guillotine with matching basket to catch a few Malacanang talking heads like what he has on his shoulder.

But we being civilised in this 21st century, can be satisfied with Mrs Arroyo sacking him for such idiocy.