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F. Sionil Jose rebuts critics re: on Filipino shallowness

Perhaps I have a teeny weeny bit of right, by right as the English would have it, to comment on things about National Artist Sionil Jose's essays, novels, short stories and plays. I will have to confess, I have read all his books and I have all his books, save one "Vibora" which some idiot of a friend never returned (Never lend books. There was a legit reason why in medieval England they had them chained to the desks!). This is a fact that my mother was so proud of  during one formal cocktail shindig at the US Embassy's historic Chuck Parson's ballroom. Mom, my sister and myself had been Fulbright grantees and so was F. Sionil Jose. During the usual literati banter that accompanies these events, my mother told Mr Sionil Jose that "My son has read all your books". To which Sionil Jose replied "Give my condolences to your son". This I heard within earshot since I was at a nearby cocktail table talking to then  US ambassador Kirstie Kenney! (Kenn…

Planking becomes a political protest statement

I have seen people plank but as Wikipedia says it is just fad, or even a prank, or even an art form that draws attention. Some commentators have called it idiotic, but now one Filipino lawmaker wants it banned for compromising public safety!

Plankers want to plank in the most unusual of places. Then the photo is uploaded onto a social network platform like Facebook. But a few people have been killed in accidents for doing so.

But lately, Filipino students have planked in a usual place like Espana Blvd in Manila as a protest against budget cuts to the higher education sector by the Noynoy administration. Lying on the pavement is not a novel way of peaceful and confrontational protesting. In Mike de Leon's film Sister Stella L, there was a scene on the picket line where the strikers and the nuns laid down to prevent scabs from entering the factory. But that was not planking. "Die ins" were common in the 1980s, when protesters rallied against nuclear weapons. But that isn&…

Our Rights, Our Victories courtesy of the Supremes

The Bill of Rights in the Constitution of the Philippines remains as the most relevant part of the charter for the citizen. In the latest book "Our Rights, Our Victories" (Cleverheads Publishing, 2011), authors Marites Danguilan Vitug and Criselda Yabes tackles landmark cases in the Supreme Court of the Philippines which deal with the rights and protections afforded by the Bill for the citizen.

Ms Vitug and Ms Yabes both respected investigative journalists have to be lauded for coming out with this book that deals with civil rights in the whole tumult of our history as an independent nation. This is indeed a first in Pinoy publishing history. The book is written without much of the legalese that accompanies ponencias by the Pinoy Supremes. This would make it more intelligible for the educated Pinoy reader who knows English. Even among the educated, civics was hardly ever taught and thought about unlike in the days of my parents and grandparents during the Imperial days of Am…

Alfredo E Pascual is formally installed as University of the Philippines President

With the University of the Philippines (UP) and the rest of the public higher education sector facing Noynoy Aquino's budget cuts which resulted in UP slipping down in international university rankings, Alfredo E Pascual was formally installed as UP President today at the University Theatre in Diliman. The following photos are from the UP Information Office

The following photo is from my camera

In a ceremony with medieval roots, Pascual received from CHED Commissioner Dr Patricia Licuanan the symbols of office, the Mace and the Chain of Office. In one video spiel presented before the ceremonies, Fred Pascual seems to carry the Mace as if he were to hit and bludgeon those who threaten the UP with a budget cut! Very appropriate and true to the medieval ideal!  For the original use of the Mace is for professors to hit students who doze in class or the Sovereign and his lieutenants who would proscribe the liberties of the University. The University in medieval times enjoyed liberties th…

An answer to a Ms Universe question appears to generate ecumenical discussions!

Whoever thought an answer to a Ms Universe question would make Pinoys ask about what they think of their religious beliefs and to what extent will they give them up?

Ms Philippines, Shamcey Supsup's answer to juror Viveca Fox's question

"If I had to change my religious beliefs, I would not marry the person that I love because the first person that I love is God who created me and I have my faith and my principles and this is what makes 
me who I am. And if that person loves me, he should love my God too."

Anyway, at least on Facebook or Twitter, Pinoys have as expected, discussed what this answer is all about. Some consider the answer to have shot down Shamcey's chances of winning the crown (she got the 3rd Runner up plaudit), which fell on Ms Angola, another woman who would not change what she was for something else! ABS-CBN was the first to start the trend by asking Shamcey's dad what he thought about his daughter's answer. Dad replied that he raised his d…

Zombitaongbayan: Patayin sa Shokot ang mga Politiko!

Di masasabing hindi ka mamamtay sa katatawa sa pelikulang Zombadings: Patayin sa shokot si Remington na ngayo'y palabas pa rin sa mga sinehan. Sa pamagat ng komedya, ang salitang "shokot" ay marahil nagmula sa "shock" at "takot". Isang katagang nanggaling sa "gayspeak" nag karoon ng ibayong ibig sabihin ang bagong kataga.

Ngayon nasa balita ang kaso ng isang sikyo na sinuntok daw ng isang congressman or representante ng isang distrito sa Mindanao sa UP Ayala Technohub ng kinailangan para sa seguridad na suriin ang sasakyan ng congresista. Hindi daw itutuloy ng sikyo ang reklamo dahil isa lamang siyang maliit na tao. Si pelikulang Pinoy, may mga sinasabing "memorable" na eksena ng mga "maliit na tao" na lumaban. Kasama na dito ang ginampanan ni FPJ na isang maliit na police sergeant sa "Kapag Puno na ang Salop" laban sa di makakalimutang Judge (na ginampanan ni Eddie Garcia). Hay naku napuno na nga ang salop. Kay…