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Ave! Benedictus XVI Pontifex Maximus!

Pope Benedict XVI, the Professor, once more proves that he is probably the most profound Pope in history in his latest encyclical "Caritas in Veritate" or Charity in Truth. This encyclical synthesizes our 21st century angst about 1) human rights, 2) science, 3) technology and 4) environment and provides the way to cast out the emotional baggage we have. A four letter word is the way out according to the pope. The overwhelming theme here is that the truth about these things should be sought in love.

Reading Benedict's clear prose I found it interesting that since we are in the business of seeking "logos" we can only do this in "dia-logos". In doing the latter, we have to respect diversity and even love diversity, realising that in this, we see God. And we need to be authentically free to do so, at every stage of life. This is probably the most basic vocation. We are called to many paths but the path s converge to really what the Gospel says as the Way…