Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Travel poetry 3


Down the paths, I tread
Amidst the green, eucalyptus boughs
Shadows, shafts of light
A break in the gloom
And wildflowers bloom

The road is long and at times rough
Traverses through dry and stony ground
In coming winter’s Antarctic breath, the flowers break
The spell of autumn and her promises of chill

I walk the trails through rises and vales
And the road before me is mine
The sun begins to set and night has come
And road leads to places I haven’t seen
I tread in sight of the dawn
And colours of the wattles amaze and bellbirds ring
Where I end, home is there

The future is seized in the trails
My Master ten paces ahead
My past a step behind

The walk leads me home

10 April 2004
The Dandenong Mountains
Victoria, Australia

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