Friday, July 01, 2005

Now I can die or is it too early? Things I have done and need to do

Seven things I have done (and so I can die now!)

1) Be a teacher
2) Swim with a whale - Tanon Strait
3) Swim with sharks - Donsol and Mindoro
4) Dive in at least four of the world's oceans - Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Southern (brrrr. The last one was the coolest!)
5) Take long bushwalk in Bartle Frere - Australia
6) See an endangered animal in the wild
7) Stare at the full moon like a lover while on a boat alone.

Seven things I need to do before I die

1) Be a good teacher.
2) Get married
3) Be a father and take my son/daughter on a nature walk
4) Climb Mount Pulag
5) Publish a scientific paper in "Nature"
6) Learn a healing art
7) Write a book on natural history

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