Monday, July 11, 2005

Political commentary1: The rule of law and the current Philippine crisis

Caveat lector. Political commentary ahead. Allusions to English History ahead. (Sorry, I am a keen student of English constitutional history!)

Now that Mrs Aquino has said her piece three time, what the public likes to know and Mrs Aquino should clearly say so is who advised her to take this “GMA please resign” stand. Obviously Mrs Gloria Arroyo is unlikely to stand down. Now that Mr Fidel V Ramos has literally saved Mrs Arroyo’s presidency, the chances of her resigning is nil. Mr Ramos has emerged as the de facto prime minister or better yet President Protector. Doesn’t this sound like Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell seizing the Crown but not wearing it? As long as Mr Ramos won't put the crown on his head, he is still within the bounds of the law.

Our own Ollie Cromwell should say to Mrs Aquino and her fratres in politics to at least shut up and respect the rule of law. Mrs Aquino by demanding Mrs Arroyo’s resignation as in the words of Thomas More himself, is cutting down every law that holds our Republic like trees by the wayside. In our case this is the Constitution she herself has planted. Does Mrs Aquino realize the that the Devil will have no place to hide? Is she prepared for the chaos that will ensue? At least Thomas More wisely realized that prayers alone cannot govern a nation. To which Cardinal Wolsey is said to have wittly remarked "I'd like to see you when you try." More gave the Devil the benefit of law for his own safety’s sake.

I write in allusion but the moral here is that if we disregard the rule of law and this is because of our bad conscience, we lead our country on a short route to chaos. If we want Mrs Arroyo out, let her be impeached and proven guilty by the Senate as what the law requires.

Cromwell went to Parliament took the key and locked the door. As Parliament was ruled by bickering and corrupt MPs, before he locked the door, Cromwell spoke his piece. “In the name of God, go!”

The same can be said for Mrs Aquino and those who call for the President’s resignation.