Thursday, September 07, 2006


For Steve Irwin (1962-2006)

There is something strange about our southern land
The land grips and the harshness that is burned into soul
And really not one of us can claim mastery, ownership and all
The best is all we can say, that we are now owned

And the deadlies crawl, slither and surprise
From Barrier Reef to Tasman Heights
And so the Tiger Snake has evolved to eat Mutton Birds
The bushfires one has to deal with
As well as floods that come from the North

And you have gone the way, that I am still afraid
To fall for Nature's barbs, sting and all
But this is the way, you probably wanted it to be
And most of us in the burbs would see it just on the Telly
Or on travel books and natural history guides

Fair Dinkum the pollies proposed
A State Funeral for you, this a complete laugh
Thank God your dad had the sense to chuck it out
For every larrikin bloke would stumble on a grog
Even if this Aussie Icon has done it all about

And an Aussie Icon you really are
And to die on Australian sea is something new
Not on Hollywood and Vine, mind you.

Goodbye mate and now you are
part of that Dreamtime, they all talk about.

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