Monday, November 27, 2006

Misdirected Pacifism

The Chancellor of the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Professor Sergio Cao recently on Nov 14, 2006 issued a memorandum prohibiting activities that "stimulate war and promote violence" on campus. The memo specifically mentioned airsoft games. This is of course had the airsoft student community up in arms. After all, the airsofters just shoot fellow airsofters and not some innocent bystander.

What does the Chancellor mean by his words? I think he is either misinformed or ignorant on what it means to go to war and what real pacifism is all about.

Also his memorandum puts a cloud on the practice of the martial arts, popular PE subjects, as well as the sports with a military origin such as boxing, archery, marksmanship, the javelin, hammer throw, shotput and discus. All of these are Olympic sports by the way.

These sports do not stimulate war at all. The most important values for life I learned in martial arts are 1) This knowledge that I learned can kill and I can only use it in self-defence, 2) I hone my military skills to the level that I will never use them. Thus I go to war not against other people but on my own weaknesses.

The military sports more or less have the same philosophy. True pacifism does not mean abandonment of military skills but a commitment NOT TO USE them unless in self-defence.

I honestly believe the airsofters follow this philosophy. Most if not all of them are law abiding citizens who do not scheme to topple the Republic and are loath to do violent acts. :)

Real pacifism is what you do not learn outside the ROTC.

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