Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saving Ass!

The ASEAN Summit was rescheduled due to an approaching typhoon. The storm intensified the winter monsoon that gave Manila a spell of cool weather.

And this is the perfect weather for people power. EDSA I and II happened in the "amihan" season. Two Inperial asses were kicked by the people. In contrast, EDSA III happened in the height of the monsoon break (the Pinoy high summer and perfect beach weather). Guess whose ass got kicked? It's not the one who warms the palace chair.

So it is no surprise that our Yoda had to call for a consitutional convention instead of con ass. It's amazing how quickly politicians will go to save their asses. Her Imperial Majesty may have started to see the invisible hand writing on the palace wall. She is a survivor par excellence and probably told her retainers to cool it.

Nonetheless, this won't stop the alliance from having their Dec 15 rally at the Luneta. This shoud make for an interesting December and January.

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