Tuesday, January 09, 2007

An introduction to Louisiana culture

Life here in Baton Rouge seems to be rather slow. Not being a megapolis, there is still this small town feel. Louisiennes are very friendly people.

My first introduction was to make sense over an American football game between Louisiana State University and Notre Dame. Of course our team won and a the star quarterback JaMarcus Russel was crowned MVP. It took me over an hour to get an idea of how American football is played.

Football in other realms is what soccer is called here. The next day I watched a soccer game between our team and another college. Soccer seems to be gaining a lot of popularity here with many students from kindergarten to college, playing it.

In one high school girls team, Miss 88 a fullback, destroyed the opposing team's defense.

Now I am eating gumbo. That must be the national dish of this once French colony. I also have heard how Cajun French is spoken.

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