Tuesday, April 17, 2007


With apologies to Simon and Garfunkel!

Let us be brothers and travel this country together

I ‘ve got the US Constitution here in my bag

So we bought some McDonalds

And my friend a magazine

And we walked off to worship America

Crikey! I said as we boarded the plane in New Orleans

Louisiana seems like a dream to me now

It took me 12 hours to standby for flights into the capital

I’ve come to worship America

Laughing in the lounge playing games with the colored faces

He said the Arab looking man was really Osama Bin Laden

I said be careful you may become racially profiled!

Toss me an orange there's one in my carry on

I ate the last one two hours ago!

So I looked at the scenery, my friend his magazine

And the Capitol rose over the suburban fields

Crikey! I’m lost I said I don’t know what liberty really means now

I’m empty and unfree and I don’t know why

Counting the tourists at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

They've all come to look for America

All come to worship America!

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