Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Au revoir Louisiane

Farewell Louisiana. I hope to be able come back and visit. There is probably no state in the whole of the United States where I felt almost completely at home. The hospitality of your resilient people, and their warmth are what makes you weather the storms.

Of course I'll miss everything Southern. But it is likely we'll meet again sometime.

English again....

Now that I am in Memphis airport, Tennessee I just read about the trade of barbs between Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and Senator Lito Lapid. And the whole thing is about English competency.

Binay says that being poor isn't an excuse for not being able to express oneself. Binay is may be correct. Lapid belongs to the 'silent committee" in the Senate. Well, a senator can express anything in the senate in any language! Have we heard anything from Lito Lapid?

We'll if he can't say much in the Senate. I don't think he can say much in Filipino.

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