Saturday, May 05, 2007

Will the real gago (idiot) please stand up?

Manila, The Philippines

I saw and heard the much talked about "gago" campaign ditty while jet lagged.
I know politics involves muckraking but this takes the cake.

In a democracy, the electorate shouldn't be taken for idiots. We know what this campaign ad will come to.

The ditty has some catchy lyrics

Gago, gago ang oposisyon
Ang lider ay nagnakaw kaya nakakulong

The opposition are all idiots, idiots
Its leader did steal
and that's why he's in jail.

There is such a law called Karma for which one Indian religious scholar explained that the Law is like a credit card, it bills with much interest. Fate has the last laugh.
Who knows those libeled now may be singing.

Gago, gago ang _________.
Ang lider nandaya
kaya makukulong

Dear blog readers please fill in the blank.

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