Friday, July 13, 2007

Do geeks really Die Hard?

The erstwhile computer geek has been made a hero (by saving the US of A from a major computer crash and terrorist attack) in the latest and most unbelievable Bruce Willis starrer "Die Hard 4.0". This heroic geek is played by Justin Long as Matt Farell.

Of course if you have a geek as the savior of America you must have a geek as the Evil one Who's Name is Legion convincingly played by Timothy Olyphant as dumped national security consultant Thomas Gabriel.

I have nothing against computer geeks. They have a niche in our society. But what I don't like about this latest movie dished out by Hollywood is that geeks are stereotyped once more. Geeks are portrayed as uncoordinated and bumbling in the movie except the evil geek whose cold moves may strike terror in the viewer. Another evil geek is a female named Mai Linh played by Hawaiian Asian-American actress Maggie Q. This female geek is a martial artist. Well Asian women have been stereotyped once more. One fat geek called Worlock is a loner but is as usual a stereotype too.

Nonetheless Officer McClane seems to be the supporting actor to these geeky characters. So we have a geek dichotomy, the good (but bumbling geek) and the evil (but weapons savvy) geek.
Of course the good geeks win. But again typical of Hollywood stereotyping and discrimination, the geek-hero fails to win McClane's daughter. Contrast this with the James Bonds, up to Pierce Brosnan, who definitely wins the girl. (Even Austin Powers gets his girl and saves the world!)

And speaking of James Bond movies, Die Hard 4.0's stereotyping is just like the one in "Goldeneye". I was waiting for one of the evil geeks to shout "I am invincible" ala Boris the evil geek in that movie. Of course the plot is to be expected, good geek writes a code to foil the evil geek's attempt to siphon all the bank accounts on the planet electronically.

Well we can't complain, stereotype movies are fun to watch. But there is one stereotyping that Hollywood liberals would never do. That is to make a Die Hard movie with good gays and evil gays battling it out. Waitaminit that's the plot of the Joey de Leon and Jon Santos movie "Tanga and Chos"!

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