Saturday, September 15, 2007

Comments on a Saturday

Boracay Mansion

The pictures in the blurbs of the Erap Estrada's so called "Boracay Mansion" reminds me of the pictures of and my quick visit in 1995 to Hadrian's Villa in Tivoli just outside Rome. Tsk tsk. How the mighty have fallen!

The Villa was considered to be the epitome of Imperial taste that the popes and cardinals plundered the site for statuary to grace their palaces. In Erap's villa the roof was plundered and also steel railings and the legendary gold faucets.

By the plunder we shall know the plunderer.

Plunder begets more plunder!

A lowdown in UP education

I asked my undergrads and not a few freshies about the recent hazing death by a well known frat. The students said that the tuition fee increases are a more important issue than the hazing death.

Since when has a wasted human life been less important than a tuition fee increase?

I think the professors and administrators of the University of Philippines should reflect on the moral dimensions of UP's vaunted liberal education. A liberal education cut off from its moral moorings does not liberate but enslave.

Something to think about as the university gears up for its centennial next year.

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