Saturday, September 29, 2007

Who invented Miriam's loose cannon?

I really have no windows to how Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's mind operates. My eyes do not function as a PET scanner. But her latest and most famous tirade about China "inventing corruption" is some fodder for comment.

Rightly the Chinese Embassy and the Chinoy community were outraged. But some Chinoy businesspeople I think went overboard when one Chinoy bigwig emphatically stated that in China corrupt people get executed! Now we respect a country's legal system when it determines what penalty to match a crime. But there is a really big question on the fairness of the Chinese legal system. That's why the Hong Kong SAR citizens of China always have the shivers!

Unlike when she broke her word to jump off a plane without a parachute, Miriam Santiago has apologized to China and to the Chinoy community. In an interview with a TV network, she admitted that she was emotional and had "chronic fatigue syndrome". I think this apology isn't enough. While everyone has the right to lose their temper, public officials should have more restraint. More so with Defensor-Santiago who has a doctorate in law and a postgraduate degree in theology to boot. This high level of academic training should have disciplined her mind to the extent that she would think twice before opening her mouth. Also she was a RTC judge. Judges are expected to even exercise greater restraint.

My advice to Defensor-Santiago, she should see a medical doctor. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be debilitating!

As for "inventing corruption", Chinese people have also proven they can end corruption. Chinese of the Singaporean type have done it and that made their city state one of the most level field in doing business.

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