Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The diff between PAL and Cebu Pacific

I have tried on-line bookings with Philippine Airlines (PAL) and its rival Cebu Pacific. We have been PAL loyalists all along until PAL's financial position crashed (oooops. pardon the pun!) and was forced to cut domestic and international routes. Cebu Pac took over some of the routes and I had no choice but to take that airline (which then had old DC 9s). On the way back to Australia in 1998 my PAL ticket took me nowhere since PAL shut down and I had to fly Singapore Airlines at an added cost.

Now that PAL is out of receivership as its full page ads in the blurbs declare, we hope that the service does improve for the better. I believe PAL has new planes. But there is one problem with the on line booking.

PAL's website generated a itinerary (IT) confirmation of my Manila-Iloilo return ticket but the IT receipt is the real electronic ticket (ET) and it took me 36 hours to get the ET in my email addy.

Contrast this with my recent bookings to Dumaguete and Kuala Lumpur with rival Cebu Pac. That airline sent my ET in less than 2 seconds! I know since my email web browser account was open when I made the booking on another open tab of my browser.

No wonder Cebu Pac is giving PAL a run for its money!

Paging Mr Lucio Tan!

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