Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Wikipedia in Latin

This should make Papa Ratzi and the Tridentine Mass fans extremely happy. Wikipedia is now in Latin! This should make fans get to know Latin usage beyond what the Old Missal has.

Proponents of the Latin Vicipaedia version of the free encyclopaedia say that "Latin isn't dead but just smells funny!"

Latin isn't dead at all. It lives on in the Romance Languages. It lives on in the vision of Benedict XVI who has given permission for the wider use of the Latin Mass.

Latin fans finally have their intelligible own home in the web. They say

Ecce nostra Taberna et Legatio.

Which translates as

Here is our beerhouse and embassy! (In Philippine English)

Behold our pub and embassy! (In the Queen's English)

In which case we might end up in ebrium.

And recall that in Pompeii in the last day before the volcano spewed its Plinian column of ash, civis Romanum bibit Vesuvinum which is the first known marketing pun ever.

But my Latin has got rusty. I had to learn Latin when I was doing my Philosophiae Doctoris so that I can read Linnean descriptions. A kind Jesuit sacerdo (presbytero) tutored me on the basics and Classics. He asked be to read the Biblia Sacra Vulgata. This I found an agreeable exercise since Latin does make you think clearly.

Now I need to go to the Taberna!

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