Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tragicomedy at the Manila Peninsula Hotel!

Senator Antonio Trillanes and his Magdalo group's antics at the Manila Penininsula Hotel deserves condemnation. As does the panicky reaction of the Arroyo government that again reveals its tendency to tryst with fascism. Trillanes and company took over the hotel and had a sit in with a few weapons and demanded the Queen to abdicate from the palace. Of course our Glorious Queen wants to reign till 2010 and she won't do an Estrada and cross the political Styx .

Trillanes and company may have been desperate to get their grievances across but to resort to a stunt like this can make one laugh or weep. We laugh because when asked by the media we get vacuous answers. Like General Lim's vacuous "lilitaw and papalit" (the leader will appear) when asked about who will succeed our Queen if she gets dethroned! Where will the vaunted Leader come from? From God in heaven?, Ex Nihilo?

Lenin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh must be roiling in laughter in Socialist Revolutionary Heaven! Perhaps Lim had been opiated by too much faith (in themselves)!

How come we can't produce a believable revolutionary? The nearest we have come to is dreaming (of coming into power) in Utrecht!

The Queen is to be commended for her steely resolve to lop off this silly stunt before it gets out of hand. I support her if she does not get carried away by this heady success.

A revolution is more than a public relations gimmick. In order to succeed the people should shout bravo and pass the seeds of conspiracy. This as Maria Ressa of ABS CBN wryly observed, the people ignored it. This old formula of taking over a public venue such as a hotel with foreigners who can act as convenient hostages , having a press con and waiting is to put it in the Philippine National Language "gasgas" or "bumenta na 'yan".

That's exactly the sentiments of the barbers in the shop where I had a scalp treatment.

The immediate economic effect is hardly worth a worry. The Philippine Stock Exchange rallied at closing bell today.

But what will affect the economy is Her Majesty's fascistic trysts once more. Declaring a midnight to dawn curfew has already (please don't laugh!) spooked the Call Centre industry whose business is done in the wee hours in Manila. Now her ministers can't even reassure the public how long this will last.

The police's arrest of journalists covering Trillanes' sit in were arrested on charges of "obstructing the servicing of an arrest warrant". This has spooked all concerned about civil liberties.

People are wary and allergic to Apo Ferdinand's Martial Law. If the Queen does this stunt expect interesting times. She will be pulling the plug on herself. The world is a vastly different place now.

The public warns the Queen's lieutenants "bumenta na 'yan at gasgas na!" Never again!


Mocking said...

I'd rather have GMA removed via impeachment than a coup that might lead us to a military junta(thus, making us a second Burma/Myanmar!). It's not that I support her but the opposition is just like her.

Obviously, Trillianes is manipulating the public once again as he did in the Oakwood mutiny. What baffles me is that, he claims to be 'for the people', 'to protect the people' when he himself out civilian lives at risk. The Oakwood was full of bombs when he took over. Now, he took over a hotel again, took hostage of the media(which they don't even realize). The next thing we know, he seizes a University or a Church!

Lee Kwan Yew must be thinking now that despite our country being full of talents, we are extremely hopeless because we use pathetic and ineffective solutions to our problems.

kulas said...

The Senator and the General can not be that ill prepared or reckless. There's got to be something behind this move gone awry.

blackshama said...

Well. Trillanes has to read his Lenin once more!

Trillanes has no imagination. He cannot think laterally. I know doubt that the training they get at the PMA develops this crucial mind skill.

If he had some imagination and could think laterally he could have took over a university or a church as you said.

And he should have immolated himself. That would have been a stronger statement.

As for Senior Minister Lee, we are hopeless since we don't have the skills to think laterally to solve our problems.