Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Throwing the monkeywrench or spanner as you like at

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Philippines and Animal Welfarists

The PETA Philippines statement has this to say about keeping fish in captivity at a Manila public aquarium

"The chlorine, copper sulfate, and other harsh chemicals used to keep tanks clean causes some dolphins to go blind and makes their skin peel off"

Unfortunately dolphins aren't fish! Besides only a sadist could think about letting fish swim in chlorinated water. I wonder how and where animal welfare advocates get to think of such cruel ideas?

Copper sulfate at low doses is an aquatic animal therapeutic. Fish health specialists know at what levels can be therapeutic or dangerous to aquatic animals.

A massive dose of science is what PETA needs and not a dish of green salad. BTW plants and bacteria have rights too. Bacteria can suffer as well as plants! Using PETA's fallacious logic I will uphold bacterial rights! If PETA doesn't want to harm animal life and cause suffering to the biosphere for that matter, it may be better for it to stop breathing. The amount of CO2 it can exhale can cause suffering to you and me and that plant outside under certain conditions.

And that is where science comes in. Science which is based on our use of critical thinking faculties can tell us what these conditions are.

Animal welfare as expounded by PETA has become a religion. There is nothing wrong with religion. But if you put reason elsewhere you will end up fanatical.

Senator Jamby Madrigal

Her behaviour at a recent senate hearing on the University of the Philippines charter bill leads us to only one conclusion

It is not a good idea to sit on one's brain.

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