Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tony Blair becomes a Catholic

British media has had a field day reporting on ex British PM Tony Blair's reception into the Catholic Church.

Blair isn't the only high profile Brit that left the Established Church of England for the Church of Rome. Several members of the Royal Family have converted for various reasons. They were required to get the permission of the Queen. She gave it without fuss as long as the converts give up their rights to the throne. After all, the succession laws of England prevent a Roman Catholic from ascending the throne. This is the last of the laws that discriminate against Catholics.

There is no law that bars a Catholic from being Prime Minister although Britain has never had a Catholic PM.

More Catholics now attend church than Anglicans in Britain. Catholics make up the fastest growing Christian denomination in the kingdom. The Anglican Communion is in the process of rupture after some of its member churches decided to ordain women and gay priests and bishops, something the conservatives say is against the Bible.

But many Brit Catholics are critical of Blair. After all there is a lingering strand of English "No Popery" in Britain although to be publicly labelled a "papist" is considered unacceptable and unfashionable.

The Brit Catholics some of which are converts like Blair say in their blogs that even today "swimming the Tiber" can result in discrimination and recrimination from kin and friends. Some have to give up some comforts.

The story of English Catholicism is filled with beheadings and quarterings at Tyburn. I myself have prayed at the "Tyburn Tree".

Beheadings and quarterings have fell out of fashion in England. Blair would not have lost his head if he converted when he was PM. Brit converts say Blair had no balls. The converts say that if Blair converted when he was PM then the reason why England should have NO ESTABLISHED church becomes clear. Some political analysts say that his being Catholic may affect his decision to recommend to the Queen bishops of the Established Church especially the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bollocks! Heretics have sat in the Commons and were part of the Crown appointments committee for bishops. Doctrinally orthodox and heretical Anglican bishops have been appointed, some have revived the church and some lead it to near hell . That the Church of England is losing its flock has something to do with the silliness of having an Established Church.

Blair's conversion to Catholicism whilst PM may have accelerated the demise of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I's creation.

So it was really a possible threat to the Monarchy.

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