Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A dose of their own medicine! Ha ha ha!, Heath Ledger dead at 28, UP reflects on frats

Commemoration of the Mendiola Massacre

The Mendiola Massacre protesters tried to march to that bridge over the estero only to be met with police with placards with the non-violence message. The lefties cried foul and "psy war"! Well the fossilized ideologues of the CPP-NDF and its fronts don't have the monopoly on placards. Fascists or anyone for that matter can make them too. Also the commie fossils have to realize that how to do psy war isn't just found in Mao's Little Red Book or in "Philippine Society and Revolution".

Ha ha ha! The lefties got a dose of their own medicine!

Heath Ledger dies

Aussie Actor Heath Ledger was found dead on Jan 23 in his New York flat apparently of a drug overdose. Ledger's performance as a gay cowboy in "Brokeback Mountain" was amazing and this was his ticket to Hollywood stardom. Ledger was nominated for the 2005 Oscar Best Actor only to lose to Philip Seymour Hoffman who portrayed Truman Capote.

We will never know how big a star Ledger would have been or whether he was an heir apparent to Marlon Brando as some cineastes have predicted. Will Ledger be the gay community's James Dean? Will Ledger be a legend? One thing is for sure. Ledger died before his time.

The University of the Philippines reflects on its Greeks

One of the major legacies of UP as the State University created in America's image is its Greek letter societies. The university has an issue of its forum that discusses the issues confronting its fraternities and sororities. The first Greek societies in the Philippines were organized at the UP and now almost all colleges and universities have a Greek society or a chapter of one.

But violence has been a defining hallmark of these societies, in initiation and "rumbles". With not a few students dying in initiation rites and "rumbles", there are calls to ban these societies in the UP.

But it is UP's celebration of academic freedom (that guarantees freedom to associate) that gave birth to Greek societies. What UP has to reflect on is how the egalitarian service ideal of the American Greeks got perverted when transposed to a class stratified Philippine society that values power over service.

In my opinion it was the Roman Catholic Church who institutionalized brotherhoods in the Western world. They are known as Dominicans,Jesuits, Franciscans etc.

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