Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year to all!

We waited for the new year countdown using the Internet (Worldtime) by setting the computer clock and iPod to GMT plus 8. At midnight the iPod played Auld Lang Syne. Welcome 2008!

We hope 2008 will offer the same hopes and opportunities of 2007. Despite what the seers say as this year being still a year of discord, the Feng Shui masters say that even if the year is of the rat, people who are smart as the rat will make a killing.

In the story of evolution of mammals, the rodents are the megastars. Anywhere the rats end up they speciate!

Definitely the year bodes well for all. The Santa Claus Movie theme song says

"All my life, I learned if I was good, and did everything I should, my dreams would all come true."

This New Year let's get to work. I have only one resolution and that is

To help one poor child grow up into a good person.

That involves a lot of work

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