Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bishops Make their Move: An Evolving People Power

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines yesterday issued a pastoral letter on the current political crisis we have in the Philippines. The Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia Chancery blog posted a copy.

The six points made by the bishops have been said in other venues. It is not surprising that the bishops want EO 464 scrapped for this prevents the Queen's subalterns to appear before the Senate if they are to be questioned. They have to get her consent first.

But what most op ed writers missed is this

"For the long term we reiterate our call for “circles of discernment” at the grassroots level, in our parishes, Basic Ecclesial Communities, recognized lay organizations and movements, religious institutions, schools, seminaries and universities. It is through internal conversion into the maturity of Christ through communal and prayerful discernment and action that the roots of corruption are discovered and destroyed. We believe that such communal action will perpetuate at the grassroots level the spirit of People Power so brilliantly demonstrated to the world at EDSA I. It is People Power with a difference. From the grassroots will come out a culture of truth and integrity we so deeply seek and build. We instruct our CBCP Commissions to take active role including networking for this purpose."

We read in the letter the tried and tested way for insurgency and resistance. The Church has had a tradition of being underground and it has experience in fomenting the resistance. The "circles of discernment" are the analogues of revolutionary "cells". The circles will increase in radius eventually encompassing all.

Unlike Communism, Fascism and other revolutionary movements, the Church is bound to non-violence.

The order for battle is out. Who's going to win? The answer is plain obvious.

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