Tuesday, February 26, 2008

On Unity Walks and all that

If we had a Cabinet system of government then the Primus Inter Pares among MPs the Honourable Prime Minister has to convince all the ministers to toe the line. Then there is reason for a "unity walk". In the Mother of all Cabinet Governments the ministers don't walk but stand for a photo op in front of 10 Downing Street.

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo is Chief of State and Government of the Republic. If we compare the powers she has at disposal, she has more powers than George III of England ever had! George III however insane he was, never had to do a unity walk!

So why the Unity Walk?

We know that the Government is in panic mode when the ministers start the unity walk. We know that confidence is ebbing when the uniformed services do their own "unity walk".

I don't really give a damn if the ministers do the walk. These civvies after all serve at the pleasure of Mrs Arroyo and they are accountable to her alone and not the legislature. However I am quite concerned when members of the uniformed armed services do their own "unity walk".This walk which I saw with my own two eyes reminds me of pictures of the Beer Hall Putsch "walk"through Munich!

The armed forces in our democracy are UNDER OATH to defend the Constitution of the Republic and guarantee its sovereignty. If the Armed Forces and Police want to do a unity walk, then they should do a Unity Parade and Review during days in which we celebrate our national unity. June 12 is a good date or Rizal Day. Instead we get treated to pathetic displays of might and unity while our national institutions crumble.

EDSA 1 is hardly a day to celebrate.

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