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Super Tuesday,, Ash Wednesday, Chinese New Year,

The US presidential horse race has even got the fancy of my Mum. All she talks about is what is following on CNN about who is likely to win the Democratic and Republican nominations.

My Mum isn't just the only one in the non-American universe who is closely following the election race. But the Clinton and Obama side of the race is now in a statistical dead heat. Hillary got the few vote rich states and their delegates, while Barack got more states.

Unlike the last major election that got the world's attention ( Question: What was that?..... Answer: The conclave that elected Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI in 2005), the American presidential race has no book of prophecies whom pundits would try to interpret. The papal elections always generate interest on the Prophecies of St Malachy which lists down the characteristics of all the popes as short mottoes. St Malachy does not name the Popes but alludes to their family history or career. So the saint lists down the popes and their characteristics to the present Benedict XVI and beyond. But not far beyond since after Benedict comes Peter the Roman after which The End will come.

But I digress, if an American saint wrote a book of prophecies ala St Malachy that would definitely be a best seller. What if the prophecies correctly named all the presidents from George Washington to Dubya Bush and beyond? But not that far beyond. For after Bush comes either the Woman of New York clothed with the Bill or the De labore Illini. The Last President after which the Terrible Judge will Judge the people.

So its time to repent and wear sackcloth and ashes. And speaking of Ash Wednesday, it seems that less and less people are seen on the streets with ashes on their forehead. Too bad. It is the only time in the Church year where the sign of the faith is worn on the head (unless one uses the Rosary as a headband! Sacrilege!). It seems we are becoming very secular.

Also Chinese New Year seems to be so sedate. Even my Chinoy friends say so. I just got one small tikoy!

Happy Lunar New Year


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