Friday, February 29, 2008

You can't handle the truth!

There is one memorable line (now the subject of a zillion parodies!) in the movie "A Few Good Men" delivered by Colonel Nathan Jessep (played by Oscar winning actor Jack Nicholson). Lt Daniel Kafee (played by Oscar nominated Tom Cruise) wanted to find the truth about the death of a Marine grunt and when the evidence pointed to Jessep declaring a "code red"then Kaffee wanted the truth and Jessup bellowed "You can't handle the truth!"

This line was voted 29th most memorable line in American movie history. But seriously the line has something for Jun Lozada and his fans to think about.

So much has been been said about Jun Lozada. He has been called the "bearer of truth" (OK sort of...) and Jedi Knight (Oh puhleeeze!). The fans are in adulation but this whole morality play now staged in the Senate,on the Streets and in the Universities makes enough good Lenten reflection as we approach Passion Week. Strangely, the Catholic Bishops have missed out on this theological point.

The only person who we know as the real bearer of Truth is nothing less than the Nazarene Carpenter who entered Jerusalem on a donkey to much palm waving adulation. Five days later he was crucified. The fans of the Superstar were so fickle and hard to please. The Nazarene was really innocent.

The point I am making is that the crowds that make up Jun Lozada's fans will be fickle. Lozada will have to undergo his "crucifixion" if he really stands by his truth. If he just wants to play the crowds fickleness then he has to fudge the truth and to the fans he becomes their "hero" .

If Lozada really stands for the truth then he has to go to jail. After all there are serious grounds for corruption charges against him. The evidence is pretty strong.

This is the truth that the fans and some clerics don't want to talk about for now.

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