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Exeunt la reine, la Lozada? from the stage? but me from the Choc Kiss!

Political shamans at the Choc Kiss in UP Diliman (no pun intended here!. You may call me the Blackshaman!) are downing diabetic coma inducing ice tea and discussing exit scenarios for our Glorious Queen.

Before the Queen's lieutenants begin panicking, let me say that the Queen herself will exit one day in 2010. She has signified her intention to do so as what the Constitution requires. But the shamans have placed bets on an early exit from the stage and have even listed possible scenarios.

The White Shaman (who, if he is to believed, has insider info from the Armed Forces) said the level of discontent is so high that the brigades are just waiting for the proverbial "tipping point". But the sceptic in me says,well the op ed columnists have been writing all about this tipping point. But the White Shaman said to the Black that the op ed columnists have been People Power focused. Everyone is in this crowd estimation business. To which I replied "The PNP has its method, the B&W movement theirs, Why don't we let the School of Statistics do a Bayesian estimate?" The fact is you don't need the crowd but that helps.

But the White Browed Shaman (from the arts faculty) said that a plausible scenario would transmogrify Jun Lozada as the reincarnation of Ninoy Aquino in literal terms. It is possible that the Queen's loyal knights would do a Thomas a Becket and follow what they think they heard her say "Who will rid me of this turbulent Probinsyanong Intsik?" She has been known to get into fits so this is not a far possibility.

Those who have read their history would be familiar about what happened to Becket (crown and miter all lopped off in Canterbury Cathedral) and how this story was retold in the elegant legal prose of Corazon Agrava and the allusion wasn't lost on our Great Saluyot Max Soliven,when he referred to another Archbishop not of the See of Canterbury but that of Manila. (Come to think of it. Max may have been secretly wishing that Cardinal Sin's head be lopped off! Horrors! We may have had a martyred St Jaime Sin!)

Of course all these allusions will be lost to many of today's college students. TS Eliot has been taken out of the Canon if what I heard was true. The Great Saluyot, nutured by the care of the Jesuits and watered with blue, did read his Thomas Stearns Eliot and his "Murder in the Cathedral".

Becket was canonized a few years later. Ninoy was canonized when the airport was named after him.

That would be the real tipping point. Jun Lozada has been made into a sort of truth bearer. In a society that is awashed with lies, whoever speaks the truth and has a political agenda should worry the higher -ups even to the state of panic. (Look even with no political agenda, the Nazarene panicked the Sanhendrin and Pilate!)

In contrast, the real Truth bearer from Nazareth spoke the truth but had no political agenda. After much palm waving on a Sunday,he got crucified the next Friday!

It shudders me to think that Jun Lozada may end up like Ninoy!

It shudders me even more to consider that Ortigas Avenue in front of La Salle Greenhills would be renamed the Rodolfo Lozada Jr Avenue! That means he has been canonized! I hate to say this but Nora Aunor sang her song too early. She should sing now the Tina Turner hit "We don't need another hero!" What we really need are real heroes that will give up what they have for the country.

I would suggest to la Reine that she save the throne (the Presidency what else?,dummy!), not herself for her elected successors as the Constitution demands. She should lop off the heads of her ministers or at least send them to the Tower. Have the Senate "rack"them, instead of invoking "executive privilege". Her right to this privilege comes to us from the English Monarchs. But unlike Henry II, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I our Glorious Queen doesn't know when to rid of turbulence inducing ministers. She can make Neri her Cromwell. She has lack of judgement. The people have the right now.

I really like her to do her exeunt off the stage in 2010.

If she doesn't heed my suggestion ,she might end up like Henry II, but where would she ask for forgiveness?

Hey! I have to give a grad class lecture. Time for my exeunt!


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