Monday, March 17, 2008

A Holy Week Proposal to the Philippine Church Hierarchy

Dear Bishops, Priests, Pastors, Self proclaimed "apostles" "brothers", "sisters" and "Messengers of God"

As a Christian of the Catholic tradition in our country, I am sickened by the divisions you show because you have to find the "truth" but in reality you are just playing politics. Why should laypeople like me complain? The Christ of the Gospels have called you "whitewashed tombs".

There is a way that you can all get out of this mess and ask God for forgiveness. I have always admired Pope John Paul II's decision to get all believers to pray at the holiest place in Italy, irregardless whether they believed in a mnotheistic God, or plytheistic gods or whatever. The present Pope, Benedict XVI then John Paul's PanzerKardinal did not very approve of this but John Paul evidently moved by the Spirit, pushed on.

In 1986 John Paul called everyone to pray at Assisi at the Church of Saint Francis, the saint of peace, nature and the environment. For the first time in history we had Christians (Catholic, Anglican,Orthodox, Evangelicals), Muslims, Shamanists, Buddhists,Hindus, Animists etc in one place at prayer.

Something miraculous happened that day. All armed conflict ceased even for a day, even in Palestine and Israel! Assisi is non-political. Francis never played politics unlike the Popes.

We proclaim that are nation can be united by Pacquiao winning but that is only an illusion. No unity can ever be achieved by violence even if it is just of the sporting kind. All unity comes from peace.

Your churches are no longer the holy places Christ wanted them to be. Thieves are routinely photographed at prayer for the blurbs. The PDI, Star, Manila Times and all of the media are guilty. The thieves are photographed receiving communion from you (when your theology teaches they are in a state of hideous sin and should not be given the Body and Blood of Christ), holding rosaries in their hand or preaching from the Bible, hands clasped in prayer. Your churches need to be reconsecrated. Where is the holiest place in the Philippines? You can ask Joey Velasco the man who painted "hapag" where this place really is.

And perhaps God in his goodness will save you and me, all sinners.

Don't invite the politicians unless they confess their sins, repent and do restitution. If not then Christ's words upon when he entered the Temple still rings true "My temple is a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves!"

Pax Christi



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DJB Rizalist said...

I have to join you in this prayer! Maybe two voices will be heard better than one...