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Interesting finds at National Book Store, Mrs Aquino's condition,The National Fist?


National Bookstore oftentimes has surprises on sale. The bookstore we first can remember (recall that mom bought cartolina, notebooks, crayons here when we were bright eyed pupils) has over the years diversified its selections, especially books. During cut price sales you can find classics.

After all where can you buy interesting science books like Tim Flannery's "Weather Makers" at around PhP 400 each? or Amir Aczel's science biography of Teilhard de Chardin "The Jesuit and the Skull" at PhP 700? or Pedro G Ferreira's "The State of the Universe" at PhP 300 ? Best of all Arthur I Miller's tome on how black holes were hypothesized and observed in "Empire of the Stars" at PhP 299!

The books can be had in some branches but one has to go through the pile of cut priced books. To do this one needs lots of time. The branches at Greenbelt, Rockwell, Quezon Avenue and Katipunan across Ateneo has very good finds.

That's why I stay loyal to National Bookstore trendy bookshops notwithstanding. The trendy bookshops in Makati , Greenhills and at the Fort have more interesting tomes but the books don't go on sale as often as National. And if they ever go on sale, they don't give up to 70% off!

The salespersonnel told me that the sale is only up to March 30!

Books are like wine. As you cannot judge a wine bottle by the price tag, the same goes for books.

Mrs Aquino's health

Kris Aquino just made public her mother's condition lately. President Cory Aquino is stricken with colon cancer. My mother and I have wondered why Mrs Aquino had such a haggard look when she recently appeared at opposition rallies.

Mrs Aquino despite the criticisms of her Presidency and post-presidency public life, has shown the grace that we ought to have, when faced with difficult situations.

We shall remember Mrs Aquino in our prayers. We hope she recovers soon.

Kung may Pambansang Kamao, may Pambansang Pwet ba?

I recently overheard a wag commenting on streamers over the city congratulating Manny Pacquiao's recent boxing victory. The wag was irritated by all these "pambansang kamao" (National Fist) streamers. The wag said that we can make use of the pambansang kamao if he were called to active duty as a sarge and be posted in the Spratlys!

Well I agree somewhat. The national fist can spook the Chinese or the Vietnamese.

But I asked the wag, if we have national body parts, we can have a pambansang ulo (national head), pambansang mata (national eyes), pambansang bibig (national mouth), pambansang ilong (national nose) etc.

Who can be the pambansang ulo? Who else but Gloria! She has a PhD in economics and she is really smart. What about the pambansang mata? Who else but anyone from Military Intelligence!, Pambansang bibig? Boy Abunda!, pambansang ilong? Any suggestions?

The wag continued "Eh ang pambansang pwet?"

I replied "Nasa gabinete ni Gloria yun". Hahahahahahahahaha!

Of course we can't name names! But the intelligent reader knows who he is!


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