Monday, March 10, 2008

The Updated Seven Deadly Sins

The Catholic Church is always in the business of moving with the times. The Green Pope,Benedict XVI has apparently given the go ahead to update the seven deadly sins to suit our times. Last Sunday, (on my birthday!) Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, head of the Apostolic Penitentiary has announced that the Church has listed seven new sins. These are

1) Environmental Pollution and all sorts of enviroment damage
2) Causing and abetting social injustice
3) Being filthy rich
4) Causing poverty
5) Genetic modification
6) Doing drugs
7) Experimenting on humans

According to the Vatican, unlike the old Seven Sins,the postmodern Seven Sins reflect that we live in a globalized world. A personal sin becomes a global sin. The old sins,while still valid, is more individual orientated.

The biggest new sin is destroying the environment. Come to think of it, I and the partygoers in my birthday party violated new sins 1 to 7! We didn't use recyclables (Sin # 1), partied with the knowledge that there is food insecurity ( Sins #2 and 4), talked about that we can't do anything about corruption in government (Sin # 3) ate GMO junk food ( Sin # 5), drank too much red wine ( Sin #6) and let my guests eat my avant garde cooking (Sin # 7)!

Seriously, theologians say that all is guilty of the old and the new 7 sins. That's why Christ had to say that "he who has no sin cast the first stone".

The old sins are

1) Pride
2) Envy
3) Gluttony
5) Anger
6) Greed
7) Sloth

These sins are enough to send us to hell! During medieval times punishment was so creative. The 7 sins are the exact opposite of the 7 virtues.

BTW The 7 new sins are enough to indict Jun Lozada, and everyone involved in the sordid NBN-ZTE scandal. Jun Lozada has confessed but by the looks of it,he is bound to fall under old sin #1!

According to Dante, hell is more interesting than what we believed. Hell must have special places for the those who do the 7 new sins.

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