Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Noblesse Oblige

President Gloria Arroyo's directive to give cash subsidies (to the tune of 5 billion pesos annually) to poor families has attracted criticism from Cardinal Rosales of Manila and other aid organizations. The critics say that the dole promotes dependency and indolence. I agree on the first but as one study on poverty has pointed out, the poor are hardly indolent if their dignity is respected.

The poor need jobs not doles! This has pointed out by the critics. I would agree with them.

The whole scheme is nothing but pure populist political gimmickry. We are not surprised. Gloria has to do all what she can if she wants to hold on to the Presidency. But as every person knows, a dole is an affront to human dignity. But that is precisely what Noblesse Oblige doesn't consider. It is convenient for the President.

In Pinoy class stratified society, Noblesse Oblige is convenient. But there is no nobility in the governing class. We have two major classes.The class that steals wealth and the class whose wealth has been stolen. This is what makes this kind of noblesse oblige so odious.

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Hi Blackshama!

Agree with you entirely.

It is rather gobsmacking that the supposed president of the Republic is going around giving alms to the people? I mean that's sick, sick! She absolutely has no respect for the poor -- she looks at them as beggars.

If there's any social welfare assitance to give to the poor it must be done through proper state channels and institutions. The money after all is state money!

This woman is mad! She is despicable.