Thursday, May 29, 2008


Yahoo Philippines has this news bit about the DSWCD requesting MTRCB to screen TV shows that make fun of the disabled.

It's about time. We really have to develop more sensitivity about discrimination. But DSWCD should go further, not only the disabled should be protected from this abuse but the beauty-challenged (ugly), the height challenged (short people) and of course people with dark complexions. This should extend to the financially challenged (poor) sector of society.

Racial,economic and gender stereotyping have been the staple of Pinoy comedy. Gays have been the subject of a zillion laughs. The irony is that many of the screenwriters who write these gags are themselves gay! How can society respect gays if gays can't respect themselves?

We really need an anti-discrimination law that has teeth.

But if these anti-discrimination proposals become law Joey de Leon would lose his comedy show.

But seriously a culturally sensitive attitude will involve a sea change for Pinoy society.

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