Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Dr Jose Rizal!

This Rizal bust is my most precious heirloom. The bust is my only real link to the Philippine Revolution. It dates back to 1899 during the war of la Republica Filipina against the invading United States of America. My great grandfolks were involved in that struggle to defend the Republic against the new colonizers and some offered their lives "sin duda, sin pesar" as Rizal had put it.

That and only that is the reason why my father before me was not able to and I CANNOT PLEDGE allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, despite the temptations and opportnunities that come with it. I simply cannot do it in good conscience.

I have only one country and that is Filipinas!

Anyway, about 4 years ago, the cat once toppled the bust from its pedestal and voila,while we thought it was made of ordinary stone, the bust was made of high quality marble. No senior members of my family can explain why the bust was painted with enamel paint. When the cat toppled the bust, Rizal's head got chipped and with it the date of the sculpture was revealed and its marble material.

This is my birthday present to Pepe Rizal. The Philippine Star has finally published my essay about Rizal's scientific thought. I think the essay is sure to generate controversy. I couldn't resist taking a swipe at 1) the scientific establishment, 2) Catholic Church, 3) Some medical doctors, 4) UST!

But Rizal would have done the same even with more satire!

Philippine Commentary has been renamed as Philippine-American Commentary. I don't know if this represents the dual citizenship of the blog owner, but he should take shots at American pretensions not just at the Philippine ruling class.

Rizal did and with matching European inspired "deadma"!

DJB thinks Rizal's day should be today not on December 30.

While that is debatable, one of the first acts of Republica Filipina (the one that the interloping Americans purloined) was to declare his day of martyrdom as Rizal Day.

The Philippine Daily Inquirer today ran articles on Mr Vibal who owns a collection of valuable Rizaliana and the Czech ambassador who translated Rizal's poems into Czech.

A lot of my family's Rizaliana burned down in my great grandparents Intramuros house on Santa Potenciana Street in World War II. What remained pales behind what was once. As for the Rizal bust, grandfather was able to evacuate his family plus the bust to the relative safety of Quezon City.

Nonetheless Rizal's "Patria Adorada" seems to have sunk below "perdido Eden". The challenge is on us to live his vision despite how dim things have become.

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