Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My 300th post: Hillary's consuelo, Gloria's "Let them Eat Cake" moment?

The Hillary postmortem has begun! The online blurbs like this one from Belfast, Northern Ireland has this to say. The Hillary Deathwatch in Slate.com has an image of the sinking Titanic except that the ship hasn't split into two! Most analysts agree that Mrs Clinton herself had become her own iceberg!

Nonetheless the End for Mrs Clinton is here. When CNN political pundits start talking about a possible run at being Veep, a Secretaryship of State, a Supreme Court nominantion then we know that the last rites have been said. But Obama fans are not amused since the campaign between Hillary and Barack has generated a lot of bad blood. The Dems have to ensure party unity now.

Hillary should have bowed out more than a month ago!

Perhaps the biggest consuelo de bobo now in the blurbs is this

"Hillary has opened a lot of opportunities for women. Women have been inspired just by watching her."

Haven't we heard this before? With schadenfreude? My friend from Delaware may be right, she said that even if it were in Hell, America would never have a female prez!

There is a tarp poster on Metro Manila's streets that irritates me. No this isn't Bayani's Hitleresque pink discipline posters! This is Queen Gloria's "Ramdam and kaunlaran" posters.

I've seen and heard the urban poor rage at this tarp. Manolo Quezon in his PDI column describes an urban poor woman who broke down and started throwing stones at passing motorists.

The French Revolution while brewing because of an artificial bread shortage that drove prices really through the roof, was partly ignited by Marie Antoinette's presumed "Let them Eat Cake!" (In French:"qu'ils mangent de la brioche." ) While most historians say she didn't really say this, people saw her detachment from the nation's problems as gross insensitivity on her part.

Now Gloria's poster is almost close to that. With the rice lines growing longer each day, populism can't keep going. Gloria Arroyo should keep watch on her propagandists and apologists for while she didn't really say "Ramdam ang kaunlaran", this poster could be her undoing.

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