Friday, June 06, 2008

Only in the University of the Philippines Diliman

While some freshies may have a bit of separation anxiety this coming term, UP is really heaven to adolescents who want to find their own identity. It is the only school in the country that BANS PARENTS! Parents are not allowed to enter certain areas of campus even if they fork out 21 K a sem for tuition for their kids!
You won't find a sign like this in any of the private schools!
This is good training for life, after all you can't keep on running to Mom and Dad everytime things get difficult, can you?

When I was a freshie, Dad (Law '52) just dropped me off at the steps of Palma Hall on the first day of class and that was it. I was on my own. My first class (7:00 AM!) was English I under Professor Yap and only until then did I realize that I was really on my own. What I can clearly recall on that first day was a dozing Benjie Paras on the back row. Of course Prof Yap wouldn't have any of that! Foul!


Rex said...

We also have that system in the University of the Philippines Visayas.

blackshama said...

Can you send a photo?

sparks said...

haha. same here. from taking the upcat to reg week, i was all on my own. it just seemed embarassing to be walking about with a parent (or yaya) in tow. i remember when i took the upcat though, there were jeepneys/vans full of relatives waiting for their kid to finish the exam. grabeng moral support. haha. happy 100th UP.