Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who gets the pogi points from Frank?

Jordan, Guimaras - Political pundits here on the Mango Isle (hey! They are found from the lowliest barangay of the smallest provinces to the elite kapihans of Manila) say that Queen Gloria's refusal (even when Frank has caused a national disaster rather than a regional one like previous typhoons) to cut short her glorious junket to the US of A will cost her much. According to the pundits the one who wins the pogi points is no other than the Veep Noli.

Some have remarked that Noli de Castro once dismissed as a talking news puppet, looked soooooo presidential in leading the national disaster response committee, even more presidential than the Queen herself. This is better than the idiotic product endorsement of some senators. This time I agree with the ballistic Miriam Santiago.

So methinks the biggest political beneficiary here is the Veep. We ask the logical question. Did Malacanang intend this? or is Malacanang the victim of the law of unintended consequences?

Ooops. Did the Queen underestimate Frank? What's so important in that USA trip that a hell or high water can't postpone or cut?

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