Monday, July 28, 2008

Glory be!

We are watching Gloria's SONA 2008 with the usual sprinkling of wags!

Gloria again dishes out her motherhood statements and commensurate "empathy" for the poor.

VAT is here to stay and probably be expanded?

"Napakahalaga ng VAT sa problemang ito." (Few applause!)
"T0 shore up fiscal independence" (few applause!)

"Take VAT away and pull the rug out of us" (politicians! says Wag number 2)

"Leadership is doing what is necessary however hard". (How about resigning? says Wag number 1,mahirap yun di ba?)

"Sinusugpo daw ang kotong." (Ano? Eh di sugpuin dapat si you know who! sabi ng Wag number 1, How about large scale kotong? asks Wag number 3)

"Yan ang paraan kung paano napapanatili ang pasahe sa 1 peso per liter. Texting is a way of life. Cut down text messages to 0.5 peso" (More applause).

"Natural family planning curbed pop growth rate". Wag 1: "Where does she get her stats? Now she favors Catholics! This is against her oath. A President cannot favour a religious group over others."

Tune out na yung mga wags. They can't take it anymore!

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