Saturday, July 05, 2008

Rainforest biodiversity, fruits, sex and, sexual function or dysfunction

Six years ago we 6 guys did the Subic rainforest trail with an Ayta guide who used to train American soliders on jungle survival. The man showed us what he called "jungle viagra" that was guaranteed to work let you rise and shine in the morning (pun intended!)

Our guide told me that the rainforest has heaps of plants that can help in sexual performance and function for men and women. I guess this could be THE BEST REASON why the rainforest needs to be protected at all costs!

It is only now that I realize that our guide wasn't fibbing us. It seems that the watermelon has its gifts for man (aside from summer coolers). The UK mirror has this to say. Watermelon works like Viagra scientists have found out.

Watermelons have always had sexual cultural connotations. This Chinese farmer has prime evidence why this is so. In Pinoy culture a pregnant woman is said to have"swallowed a watermelon"!

If watermelons can make you rise, papayas are said to make you relax! Again this fruit has its own sexual connotations. A few years ago, a Pinoy erotica anthology features sliced papayas on its cover. Local cultural lore has it that those vowed to lifetime celibacy need to eat it every day!

So biodiversity is really a goldmine for sex. I won't be surprised if the saucy fruits and veggies such as eggplants, cucumbers, zucchinis etc have yet to be discovered natural products that help people enjoy their private moments!


DJB Rizalist said...

Now it's true that the substance papain derived from papayas is often used as a component of meat tenderizers. Strange but my in-laws (both mother and father) were passionate papaya eaters, yet had nine children in rapid succession. Hmmm...who is supposed to eat what?

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