Sunday, July 13, 2008

Things worse than clear air turbulence

Now that the airlines have started to count the number of ice cubes they carry on a flight, they have also have entertained the idea to do away with on board movies and other forms of entertainment no matter how long your flight is.

The fuel price rise is the culprit. Some US carriers have started to charge for second piece luggage. Some are also considering charging good cash for carry-ons (this will force an airline cultural change for Pinoys).

Anyone who has taken a ride on small prop driven planes would understand. Any useless weight (payload) on an aircraft costs money! Those who have taken small planes are required to weigh in prior to boarding. The captain has the right to refuse boarding to chubby humans!

But US airlines have been charging extras for 1) food 2)movies and 3) blankets for some time now. If you want these creature comforts,then buy a first class ticket. (BTW, having been in 1st class,the only diff between the food in 1st class and economy class is that they serve the SAME KIND OF food on china plates in 1st class!)

The airlines are likely to charge movies on a pay-per-view basis on economy class. When the price of oil gets to 200 dollars per barrel, they would probably charge food on an order basis.

But on some flights, the airlines have found it profitable to cater to people's cultural tastes. On some flights from China to the USA, they provide a DVD player for rent. Some Chinese people bring their DVDs on board!

Maybe the US carriers flying from Manila to the USA may cash in on the same idea. They can provide videoke ala "magic sing" on trans-Pacific flights. Since Pinoys are known to spend ooodles of cash on this kind of entertainment, the airline is bound to make heaps of money.

The price of a "token" is 5 dollars (which is the price of a beer on a US domestic flight). As a special deal, the Pinoy crooner can get a free beer on the side.

What if all in the cabin wants to sing "My Way"?

What if a riot ensues?

Then that would be a One Way route to the immigration detention facility at the airport!

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