Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Islamic Creationism: Dawkins new nemesis

This is the ultimate test for the scientistic Richard Dawkins. The Telegraph's religious affairs blogger Damian Thompson reports that in the UK, Turkish anti-Darwinists (presumbably Muslims) have been " funding a huge campaign to import bogus "altases of Creation" into European schools."

The Telegraph has reported on Dawkins' attack on Islamic fundamentalism. After years of attacking US Christian fundamentalists, Dawkins had finally done the politically incorrect thing. (Bashing Christians is politically correct in the EU!). In my opinion, this is a welcome development. As Thompson put it

"Don't get me wrong: Christian Creationism is bogus science and deplorable. But Islamic Creationism is bogus science that it's "culturally inappropriate" to criticise. Which is more dangerous, do you think? "

It exposes the double standard liberals have. Here in the Philippines, the establishment isn't immune from this!

The Don of Regensburg, once the Panzerkardinal, now the Infallible One led the intellectual charge and fanned the controversy. While some second rate Danish cartoonists managed to start the fire, Papa Ratzi never stooped to their level or thought to be "politically or culturally correct". Now the Don of Oxford has finally got the spittle to fire away!

While Papa Ratzi didn't mince words about Islam, Dawkins didn't use the "delusion"word which he aims at Christians, mainly Catholics! Dawkins still isn't free of Western relativism.

If some mullahs would issue a fatwa at Dawkins (which they couldn't do to Papa Ratzi), Dawkins can issue his own fatwas!

It reminds me of that scene in "Flight of Dragons". Peter Dickenson denies "magic" (a metaphor for religion), and starts firing out scientific formulae. Well Dawkins has incantations of his own!

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DJB Rizalist said...

We already have a similar situation going on in Deped. Starting in 2004 there has been a program to integrate Madrassah schools into the public school system. What progeny that marriage will produce is a fearsome thing to contemplate.