Saturday, August 16, 2008

Students don't pay anything to attend this Catholic school

Praised be our Lord Jesus Christ for the unexpected.

This is something to brighten up any Pinoy parent's day. Somewhere in our troubled world, all is well and good. There is a Catholic school that doesn't charge tuition!

Amazingly according to the parish priest, Father Haney "The collection plate on Sunday helps pay for the school".

More amazingly

The priest also says ""There is no required payments. There are no hidden payments. It just comes from the generosity of the people of the parish."

Best of all the good padre doesn't beg for cash. He just gives a financial accounting and position of the school to the parish.

How does the parish do it? The churchgoers answer "1 Corinthians 16:2"

The lessons of this small parish school should be lernt by our bishops and priests who find politics a their vocation and not following Christ as well as the secular state, whose ministers find stealing money as the highest vocation.

Heaven will be on earth when Ateneo, De La Salle and UA&P don't charge a single centavo for education!

But Christ would be back on earth much sooner than that could happen. The closest thing we have had to free education,the public schools still charge.UP's fees are now considered an arm and a leg even by the salaried class.

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Bren said...

That Catholic school that does not charge for tuition is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. What good is it for someone who lives in Malate??????