Monday, August 25, 2008

Will Taekwondo be dropped from the Olympics?, Poor sports.

After Cuban jin Angel Valodia Matos gave a roundhouse kick to the head of the Swedish referee of his match, Taekwondo's prospects of being retained in the Olympics became dimmer. The world's blurbs and YouTube has carried the infamous incident whose image is iconic of being a poor sport. Matos and his coach have been banned from international competition for life.

A series of bad refereeing and scoring decisions dating back from the Athens games have clouded the sport's reputation. Even our own Tshomlee Go may have been cheated of a two pointer during his match.

The blurbs report that Taekwondo barely survived being taken off the Olympic calendar for London by 1 vote. With this incident it may have a harder time to get into the 2016 Olympics.

Taekwondo faces stiff competition from sports that want to be included such as cricket, rugby, golf and karate. Also Wushu, China's national sport is lobbying strongly to be included.

As for Wushu, we have a chance to get real gold, possibly too in golf (which used to be in the Olympics). But for Taekwondo, our chances seemed to have lessened.

BTW one text joke in extremely poor taste I have received about our Olympic performance is that we should join the Demostration Olympics! Oh c'mon whoever that joke came from is a poor sport and he didn't even play the game!

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