Sunday, October 05, 2008

A Cory-Erap hybrid?

My mother has now some unflattering things to say about Republican candidate for veep Sarah Palin. A disinterested observer of the US presidential derby, mum decided to watch on CNN the veep debates. And afterwards she made the funny remark that Palin is a Cory Aquino and Erap Estrada rolled into one!

I agree in large part. Palin's famous " I can see Russia from Alaska" and "Lipstick" reminds me of Cory Aquino's "galunggong" (roundscad) and "like how a housewife does accounting" campaign lines in 1986 when she was asked about the economy. Mrs Aquino was clueless of the intricacies of the economy . And like Erap Estrada in 1998, Palin needs more coaching from her minders. Palin has made limited media interviews like Estrada before the election.

At how things stand, Palin may end up as still the Governor of Alaska. In contrast Aquino and Estrada became Presidents of their country.

The US presidential race has become very surreal. Palin is marketed as a quintessential suburban mom, Biden dishes out the usual lines of what Pinoys call a "trapo", McCain seems to be stuck in a rut and Obama seems like a messiah.

And despite what Dubya says and the 700 B bailout, the horsemen of the Wall Street Apocalypse are on the ride of their lives.

But unlike Aquino's run for the Philippine presidency where her electorate had a sense of what's right and wrong, the American electorate has lost its trust in what has made America work,its sense of right and wrong.

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