Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dubai scandal!

This piece of news is tabloid fodder. Two Brits were caught "making out" on Dubai's famous Jumeira beach. They were arrested. According to the BBC, the couple (who are not married to each other) were intoxicated and lost all "inhibition". A police officer had warned them before. They were arrested and sentenced to 3 months in jail.

The blurbs say that this is a case of Western permissiveness clashing with Arab conservative Islamic values. But this had me scratching my head. Isn't Dubai the most liberal of the Arabian states? In fact people I know who have worked there say it is even more liberal than tolerant Malaysia.

In the Beeb's news report, the expats interviewed said that "foreigners should be warned about these issues". There is little sympathy for the couple.

Nonetheless Dubai is liberal. In a more conservative state they should have been lashed or at least have parts of the anatomy cut off as what was due certain offenses. Even the Bible alludes to some of these!

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R.O. said...

meh. I have a friend in Dubai who brags about routinely bedding all types of ethnicities available. the cad has tasted them all, and he's yet to be jailed. :)