Thursday, November 06, 2008

Black in White House!

Today's headline of the "respected" Philippine Daily Inquirer screams precisely that!

Black, who?

Jack Black? LOL :-)

Shameful and tabloidish!

Why not "Obama takes White House" instead?

Pinoy mainstream media haven't really digested what Obama's rise to power means. True, Obama is black, but there is more to his being black in his ascent to the US Presidency.


Gabby said...

they wanted to focus on his race, being the first black (african american) US president. Its catchy. a bit tabloid-like, yes, but the inquirer has always been so. your proposed headline is a bit generic. nothing wrong w generic, but his being black is a legit point to make.

Gerry Cacanindin said...

If their point was that Barack Obama is the first black U.S. President, they could just have put the word "FIRST."

It says the same thing without sounding silly. "Black in White House?"

Who's that, Norman Black? Bad, bad, headline. They missed an opportunity to come up with a memorable line for a such a historic moment.

My former journalism professor must be so glad he's writing for the Philippine Star and not the Inquirer.

If wI wrote something like this in his class he would have probably made me eat my Blue Book!