Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My list of memorable movie lines

I rarely get to watch movies these days primarily due to the cost of a theatre ticket and that I have no spare time. So I choose the films I watch. But even then I recall the movies I have seen by some memorable lines.

Everyone recalls the famous line in Empire Strikes Back and the first Star Wars movie "A New Hope"

"The Force be with You"

Darth Vader: Luke I am your father.
Luke: Noooooooooo!

and the most memorable lines in world cinema history

"Bond, James Bond"

or Clark Gable's Rhett Butler "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"

But Pinoy movies have their own memorable lines as immortal as those spoken in Hollywood. The Sharon Cuneta-Cherie Gil exchange in "Bituing walang Ningning" is part of Pinoy pop iconography

"You're nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”

It has been parodied many times like Nora Aunor's climatic lines in Asia's top film of all time "Himala"

“Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao! Nasa puso nating lahat!"

The scence has been parodied too in radio,TV and stage. I recently heard it parodied by a gay DJ on radio while getting a haircut from my barber.

in 1974 Aunor earlier said the most memorable anti-imperialist lines in Philippine cinema in Lupita Kashiwahara's "Minsa'y isang Gamu Gamo"

"My brother is not a pig! My brother is not a pig! Ang kapatid ko ay tao, hindi baboy damo!"

Note that the most memorable lines were said by female characters but Rudy Fernandez'

“Trabaho lang ito, walang personalan.”

is now a staple in the workplace 17 years after it was first said in a movie in 1991

Since I grew up in the Marcos years the line in Brocka's "Sister Stella L" as delivered by Vilma Santos remains iconic of that time (1984)

"Kung hindi tayo kikilos, sino ang kikilos? Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?"

I remember that watching that movie was an act of defiance or even subversion. Marcos was forced into exile two years later.

And lastly this line I believe continues to haunt the current Malacanang tenant

"Pinuno mo na ang salop, judge. Dapat ka nang kalusin."

Fernando Poe Jr said those lines in 1987 in the movie "Kapag Puno na ang Salop"

Ironically FPJ was Mrs Arroyo's nemesis in the last presidential election. Unfortunately he passed away a few months after the elections he lost.

Happy viewing