Saturday, November 01, 2008

Should witches be pardoned?

Britain's Wiccans have formally asked their government for an apology and pardon for the judicial murder of witches. The witch burnings happened from the medieval period to the 17th century. When European society became more enlightned starting from the Renaissance, these executions ceased.

This would be a judicial hot potato in Britain and the European Union. After all, Wicca is a recognised faith in Britain. If witches are pardoned, then Catholics and other non-conformist Protestants would also demand apology and pardon. Their co-religionists suffered the same "burn at the stake" penalty.

While Wiccans will have to prove that they are the real heirs of the medieval witches, Catholics would have an easier time. The legal history of their Church is well established. Britain's Roman Catholic Church can easily sue for damages for burning their saints. Protestants can easily do the same for theirs.

These are some things the British establishment have to think about these All Saints' Day!

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