Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Environmental Way of the Cross

Something to meditate in Lent

Station 1: Our Last Supper

Lord, all the food we eat comes from you. Nature holds these for us. Destroy nature then we eat our last meal. We recall the words of your prayer. "Give us this day our daily bread" by which environmentalists read as "The meal to come give us this day!" All comes from you, none from our hands. But the last supper brought upon our greed condemns us. Lord send your renewing spirit now.

Station 2. In the garden of tears

Our Muslim bretheren consider gardens and the whole of nature an image of Paradise. Have you ever been in a wild place and knew that this will be forever changed in the name of "development"? The thought of this destruction Lord, causes me anguish and I am gripped by a sense of desolation and loneliness. Those who know how nature as it really is are like Saint John the baptist, voices in the wilderness. Lord take this cup away from me. I sweat blood!

Station 3. Nature is brought before the experts

Now that nature we have captured and dominated. It is brought before the experts. But do the experts really know? Did the Sanhedrin knew what your true nature was Lord?

Station 4. Nature is brought before the government

The law says that the government owns all of nature. Because it "owns" it, it can decide what to do with it. But governments live and breath of worldly things such as politics.

Station 5. The scourging of the environment

We can justify in the name of development acts that irreversibly destroy the environment. Lord in what way did you give us "dominion" over all of nature? The destruction is a crown of thorns but is worn not by the rich but by the poor!

Station 6. The poor accept the cross

It is a truism that the less fortunate are the first to feel the brunt of the effects of environmental destruction. This is their environmental cross.

Station 7. Nature is helped by its Simons

There are still kind souls who will stand for nature. In many ways they have made a difference and some have died for the trees of the forests. Lord accept them into Paradise!

Station 8. The women

Women have always been in the lead to save nature. Lord sustain them.

Station 9. The forests are stripped, the reefs are blasted, the world becomes warmer and we are nailed to our cross.

All that we have done to the earth, we are now paying for it. About 200 thousand people, mainly poor die as a direct result of global warming. Landslides caused by deforestation kill thousands every year. Blasted reefs yield no fish and we have nothing to eat. Lord deliver us from this evil!

Station 10. The repentant thief

Many have profited from the destruction of nature and if that is brought upon by greed, then it as if we have stolen. We hope that they repent and help in the restoration of nature. Then we will be in paradise.

Station 11. The Blessed Mother and the environment

Mary the Virgin, your Mother has a vocation as handmaiden of the Lord. May she and her fool, Francis of Assisi intercede for us in our work in restoring the environment.

Station 12. Nature dies

If God withdraws His love for creation, nature dies. How come we easily withdraw that love? Lord make us love more.

Station 13. Nature is buried in the tomb

Do we envision a world without trees, only buildings that Christ may have surely described as "whitwashed tombs" all corruption within? Lord deliver us.

Station 14. The Resurrection

Nature is the biggest icon of your rising from the dead. For we have seen how the living persist even in death. For unless a wheat grain falls and dies it will not live. Alleluia! May the Eucharist lead us to that day, Lord.

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